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Oh and what is really funny is the author of the article tries to say that the newsroom show deals with facts that most agree with. What a laugh. THE AUTHOR SHOULD BE FIRED FOR THAT. What a dumb comment showing his true left wing colors. Horribly acted, politics was wrong and Jeff Daniels must have really needed the money. I hear he is a big Michigan person well take a look at your state and what unions and dems have done to it. Lied about Palin and the Tea Party without focusing on the megaidiocy of the left. what a tremendousjoke. I just watch this to chronicle it.This was the worst TV I have seen in a while. I will be honest it looks like it was thrown together by the Democrat National Committee quickly to try to put a spin on the last 4 years of failures of the administration. It is trying to be HBOs answer to helping them deal with moderates. I really wonder if that was the case. some big social engineering quick fix to try to sway moderates who watch the filth on HBO.

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