tiva (Tania)

I live and Learn Im in my 20s and I love life and I love alot of ppl and have alot of friends im single for rhe moment.



         MY Top present shows are

1. NCIS 

2.  The Client List

3. Hawaii five-O

4. Criminal Minds

5. Psych

6.  Royal Pains 

       My past shows that I miss

1. Charmed

2. Medium

3. Cold Case

4. House

5. without a trace

6. Full House (my fave growing up)

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Will only said he did it to protect his father like his father did for him all those years ago cuz remember Will saw EJ text message about Lucas and that's why he keeps saying his father proted him now time for him to pay. As for Gabi I think she should get self defense Nick was controlling Gabi we thought now I believe she was protecting Kate and Sami like they did for her when Nick forced him self on her well tried to then Gabi got him with the rock. I don't think she should go to jail but she will cuz the actress is leaving days. Now Nicole I want her and Eric together but she is yet again being dumb by lying. Theresa is using Brady am thinking she has feelings for JJ. I like JJ and Paige and Bev is a nut case I see it coming. Got to get use to new Ben.

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I don't think he be demon for long I think Sam will save him


Am going to miss Psych but am so glad it ended on happy note. I loved how they got Deion Richardmend the real Bud from the Crosby show then Val kilmer. And I loved how they said Appetizing the cereal boxes we all know it was Monk