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True Blood Review: Ready to Die

Really? The Mighty Authority has been ruling vampires for hundreds of years, and now they are just dropping like flies? How they could they be authority if Roman is such a stupid and weak vampire?

Homeland Review: Cabin Fever

Dan That would be cheating, and a cheesy explaination no body would buy. There are obviously a mole in CIA. I too agree the show shouldn't twist us too much. They should give us some kind of satisfaction at the season final unlike The Killing.

Survivor Review: What is Ozzy Doing?

Another thing they assume the player on Redemption Island will be back when the merge comes, and the most annoying thing to me is Ozzy assume he could beat Christine.

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I bet Mikael will kill Rebekah

It's a little sad, but there got to be someone to prove Mikael actually can kill an original. so unless somehow another original bumps out, Rebekah is the one.

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S3 Ep1

Like the episode, like the ripper Stefan, love the scene he tortured and killed Andie, just tell us he has no problem to kill an aquitance, don't like his call to Elena, too early.

Like forward, love Carol shot Caroline, never saw it coming, and Carol becomes so strong after just being there for two seasons.

Like Elena's new look, totally cool, don't like anything else about her in this ep, what's point to set up a birthday party, if all the things are still about Stefan, just to make the timeline a little bit clear?

Have no idea why Alaric is travelling with Damon, doesn't he have his own life?

Totally hate the ghost story, like the fact they don't bring Elijah back, I still have the trust issues with him.

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S3 News Thread


This is getting a little ridiculas, all your negative thing about the show is just simply based on your own fiction. Like the white-dress and curly-hair Elena, last we seen Katherine, she is leaving the town, there is no sign she's coming back. Besides there is even a picture featured white-dress and curly-hair Elena with Damon and Alaric, it is obviously that Alaric is talking to them about their relationship. There is no way it's Katherine, and you don't have any proof, except your imagination. So just leave it alone.


I know you're a big fan of Buffy, and I heard it is a great show, but you don't have to trash other shows like TVD just to proof that Buffy is the best,

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