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WTF? (Was that a Punch Drunk Love remake) We are Kings "No.1 Fan" minus the Annie Wilkes. A&E please don't do us anymore favors and re-write his books. You could have re-titled this and called it The Guessing Game and NOT have even put SK name anywhere in it and NO ONE would have known it was a King novel. Next time you want to re-do one of his novels please call me to do the re-write. I have no experience but you obviously don't either. Seriously, A&E, next time, take a note from The Stand, and do a longer miniseries, I feel like more of this was left on the cutting room floor than made it to my screen. It was insane, disjointed, and just plain lazy. We're left wondering why the characters did what they did, why they say what they say, with absolutely no character development whatsoever. I was under the impression SK had artistic license in his movies after The Shining (or is that just a myth?)? This seemed like SK had no input whatsoever. Stephen, if you're reading this, I'd just like to say, WE DON'T BLAME YOU FOR THIS!!!

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