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Ya know, your comments would actually hold credibility if you FOLLOWED ANY OF THE SHOW. The black kid, the dad not being dressed up... hell, even the lack of make-up would be explained (SHE'S BEEN DOWN THE AISLE BEFORE AND PROBABLY DID HERSELF UP THE FIRST TIME) are all things that are completely in line with the show. My girlfriend has watched it from the beginning, and even though I've caught it more times this season than I would like, all your complaints are without merit. You never watched the show, you didn't *want* to *like* it, so you don't. And you're an idiot for even trying to compare Modern Family with Brothers & Sisters. They might both share the "different type of family" premise, but that is the only thing they share in common. Coming from a family that's even bigger than the one on Brothers & Sisters (and sometimes, it seems we have more drama!) I can say that there are some very realistic things this show portrays that I have not seen done anywhere else, and I hope they continue to do so.