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Dexter Review: Are You a Serial Killer?

felt very much like the 1st couple seasons of Dexter. loved the
flashbacks,no overly stupid Quinn & Batista! very satisfied with how
it started,just hope they keep it it up!! i also loved how
they got rid of Mike quick b/c we knew he was gonna die 2 be on "Sons"
& how they didn't drag out Deb finding out all of it for 6 or 7
episodes. very well done!!!

Breaking Bad Review: Because He Said So

how can all the other shows you review have so many comments & only 1 for the best show on tv???

Game of Thrones Review: Royal Pains

U obviously don't watch "Spartacus" if u think no other show would depict a scene like the beheading from Theon! Watch Asher's death on the season finale!