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Hawaii Five-O Review: "Loa Aloha"

Loved this episode. I think the show gives all the actors the chance to shine and was never meant to be all about McGarrett.
It's also about the team members having their own issues to deal with.
I hope they revisit this story in the same way they do with Steve's parents. A really well acted episode, in my opinion, and great chemistry between Steve and Danny. It's ok to be a fan of just one character (Steve), as seems to be the case with some on here, but it would be boring if it was all about him every week, surely? It's good that the writers mix it up a bit.


Ok, I'm new here but had to comment on this great show! Firstly, I think the team will be back together by the end of the first episode of the new season - Chin is obviously trying to help Kono/Steve/both from the inside. I think Kaye will only be around long enough to help Danno with any info he might need to go after whoever he needs to, to free Steve, and whoever takes on the Governer's role will want to keep Five 0 going. So my worry is, where is the Rachel/Danny thing going? I think Rachel is such a selfish woman, expecting Danno to follow her all over the place just to see his own child, she makes me want to scream!
But Danny can't be leaving yet, so either he is not going to get to see Grace, which will destroy him, or Rachel and Grace will be killed, which would also destroy him. So I don't think it's looking good for Danno next season :-(