Hey everyone, I don't care about Vanessa anymore haha GG kinda sucks now. I'm all about Vampire Diaries and Bonnie freaking Bennett haha. Oh and Bamon!-always blow me away :) icon by sic_obessions
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Bonnie bennett is never boring, her story is such a power struggle and I enjoy her on my screen everytime. Love her and I'll never stop.


She's really pretty, I can't wait to see her on the screen :)

Jeremy and Bonnie

-Actually you can see from the background that its not the halls, its that bar or whatever they hang out at lol!!

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Why did damon and stefan leave elena alone with rose..

Yea seriously I knew something was going to go down once Damon left. They should never leave Elena alone. Caroline should have stayed with her or something.

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I need your help!

I would love to see jeremy and tyler kiss. That's Hot!!

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Wow you guys are so nice. I was scared to look through the comments and see hate but no. Most disagree but with taste :)

I love Bamon, I shipped them since 1x09. I call that the parking lot scene haha. They seriously blew me away and I wanted more ever sense but I do admit their chemistry is alot better in season two than 1 ( 2x01 and 2x06). I actually believe if bamon were to ever happen, Delena would have to have a chance first because this show is a triangle after yea.  Once Delena happens then I hopefully can see Bamon. I just want them to be friends dang it! I just want to see them work together "On Screen" haha I just want others to get a slight glimpse of what we see.

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