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Cougar Town Contest: Win Free Stuff!

EDITS I meant, "I want one minute of peace." That's the kind of spelling mistakes one can make during writing stuff quickly. Oh, and I'd also change "I knew I shouldn't trust them" to "I knew I shouldn't have trusted that Stepford community."

Cougar Town Contest: Win Free Stuff!

During a friendly group discussion Andy realizes that Ellie is not saying anything mean. Upon returning home, the niceness continues. Paranoid, Andy does not know what is happening to his wife. He confronts her about it but she keeps being nice to him. Shouting insults straight into her face, she asks him if he wishes to have some more wine. Handing Stan over to her to hold him, she willingly takes care of him and does not wish to pop into Jules' house for a "whenever someone finishes a sentence we drink wine" drinking game. Thinking he's gone insane, Andy does what any insane man would do in this situation. While Ellie is in the bathroom, he hacks at the door with an axe and screams "HERE'S ANDY!" and as he bursts through the door, Ellie compliments him on his axe wielding skills. Not being able to take any more of this, Andy chops off Ellie's head, reveal her to be a robot. Andy is shocked, albeit unbelievably relieved that this was not in fact the real Ellie, something he had suspected since the beginning of this paragraph.
Having only an inscription that reads "Château Margaux" on the robotic body of anti-Ellie, Andy googles (or, alternatively, he bings it as that is what everyone seems to be doing on TV nowadays) the name he's already pretty familiar with thanks to Jules, and heads to Bordeaux to seek clues.
As he arrives at the Chateau, several ninjas attack him. Thankfully he has a bag of change, and thanks to his years of Penny Can practice, he skilfully eliminates the gang through his coin throwing skills. Andy then bursts in through the door, to find Ellie relaxing by a pool, drinking wine.
"Oh, brother. Was she too nice?" Ellie, infuriated, asks.
Andy is unable to withhold his happiness, and falls to his knees, crying his eyes out.
"Great. I want one minute of piece and they just had to mess up that robot. I knew I shouldn't trust them."
"I'm... just... so happy!" Andy shouts enthusiastically. "Come home, with me."
"Fine. Just let me finish this bottle."
"Can we share?"
"After you ruined my holiday? No."