Tvd fan rheanne


The Vampire Diaries  Is my all time favorite show 

Damon is my favorite Carector

im on team Delena not because i dont like stefan, hes fine, it's just because i believe damon deserves a chance and he is best for elena or at least he cares about her more     but thats my opinion

my top Shows

1. The vampire diaries
2. once upon a time
3. bones
4. revolution
5. glee
6. supernatural
7. greys anatomy
8. ncis
9.Game of throwns
10. Prety little liars

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Tvd fan rheanne

UNEXPECTED ENEMY---- TYLER!!!! he's pissed at klaus right so maybe he will try getting revenge ha maybe \

Tvd fan rheanne

okay everyone ELenasalvawhore ?? -- really caling her names b'cause she's in love with damon instead of stefan? really? cause thts sooo mature -- Caroline-- people dont like her proably b'causeshes always in other peoples buisness and thinks shes always right i mean " damons sleezy, keniving, manipulative but hes never right hes damon " (Or something like that) Damon is right more often then caroline,elena or stefan jeremy-- coocoo jeremys a little loopy and stefans making it worth stefan--- i cant belive how selfish he is, he only wants to cure her for him b'cause she handles being a vamp better than him and she so much maturer than when she wwas human Damon-- damon was honest, sweet and elena or him never kicked stefan out stefan was being immature and sookey damon was just trying to help elena and it was soo sweet when elena said "you" and he's face just lit up. and when he said to elena "i've never seen you more Alive" :) Damon has saven elena from Claus, Stefan, Elija... and he has protected her and risked his life for her plus he did everything he could to get stefan back for her. he finally gets to feel LOVE True LOVE and this sire bond comes along because caroline dosnt like damon and stefan is jelouse cause he lost the girl who he tried to kill and let die. doman deseves to be in love

Tvd fan rheanne

fairytale world is where i hope everyone ends up or at least for a whitl and soo fare this season hasnt excited me as much as last season great show though its in my top 5 favorites :)