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The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 101

Elijiah: mother didn't turn us into vampires to be slutty whores.
Rebekah: yea well mother didn't turn us in to vampire to be nosey, kiss-up assholes.
Elijiah: ...I'm just gunna go...eat this cake
Rebekah: yea u go do that:)


IT'S KATHERINE!! it's plain to see. first of all, the show wants u to think it is Meredith but it's not her. and where has Katherine been all of this time!?!? it is soo obvious! plus, they had Elenas finger prints on the murder weapon, but she didn't do it. so who is the only other person in the world who is just like Elena!?!?BINGO IT'S KATHERINE! she is being her bitchy sphycotic self and manipulating and killing ppl before she makes her big enterance back to mystic falls!


you really want my opinion? well let me tell it to u straight up, I think the Mystic Falls murderer is Katherine. like really isn't it obvious!?!? where has Katherine been all of this time? EXACTLY! she is getting back at people in a weird way. 1.she killed Meredith's ex because she was getting close with Alaric. she killed Carolines father because Caroline failed Katherine's duties. Katherine is being her bitchy self and getting back at Mystic Falls. it's plain to see.