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The Blacklist Review: Scam or Second Chance?

Well, it's never going to be easy recording everything I want to watch until I finally a the new TIVO that records four shows at one; then and only then will I be satisfied. Last night, I had to eliminate "Sleepy Hollow" to watch The Blacklist. I'm certainly not going to pass up an opportunity to watch James Spader in anything...and though I found his "new look" a little disturbing (and perhaps that's the point),nothing was disappointing about James Spader in the first hour of the Blacklist.The new show lived up to all the hype and Liz was a pleasant surprise as a rookie agent suddenly thrown into a dangerous, complicated situation on her first day...and she was late! I think she got the hint when the helicopter landed in her backyard and she knew her first day was not going to be a walk in the park. This episode should have been called, Surprise Party, for the number of surprises pushed upon first-time viewers, one after the other. The biggest one may have been "the husband's involvement in more than even Liz was aware, and the scene at home where Zemani surprised Liz with her husband bound, gagged and bleeding profusely. Talk about a bad first day at work...and for all she knew at that point, her husband was an innocent victim of this ruthless terrorist who thought nothing of jamming his Bowie knife into his leg, just to get a little information that she didn't know. Earlier that morning they were talking babies and adoption and then the picture changed dramatically to one of life or death. Spader is an interesting actor, but I, too, hope that he finds more of those quirky nuances that aren't so reminiscent of his work on Boston Legal. But we shall see and I'm hooked so far and eagerly waiting for the next episode. There's a lot about The Blacklist that struck me as unique from all the other crime shows and I hope that the writers can stick with that and maintain the energy and roguish style of the pilot. Things will either get even better from here or slow down into the same ole same ole...but as a lover of television, I certainly hope not! No, this was far from terrible and if you missed it, you'll need to find it and watch this exciting and important intro to the season. I think it's going to be a good one!

True Blood Review: Go Into the Light

The funeral was moving and a soft moment for what turned out to be a quite violent and angry show, though it still had its comedic moments...though not enough for me. I miss the small town, "red-neck" endearing qualitites the show once had when it first began. Now it seems more like a Marvel Comic than anything else. Just not so sure anymore. Is it the absence of the show's creator, Alan Ball?

Grey's Anatomy Review: Ready or Not

Shame on Arizona, especially after ALL Callie has done for her during her recovery and self-consciousness about her leg. YET, she was more than ready to strip down and get naked in front of Dr. Snake in the Grass! I was shocked and only the lightening strike and subsequent darkness saved it from being a totally "icky" moment. OK, so let's say they break up...Callie and Owen fall in love and have the baby he so desperately wants, Alex finally gets with JO! Maybe Christina and Arizona hook up? NO, that's not gonna happen but I sure am looking forward to next week and in the midst of all that chaos, a baby will be born who will also have her name on the hospital. Greys Anatomy continues its run of excellence even though Scandal is keeping Shonda busy! She certainly has a gift for writing compelling characters. Rollercoaster ride, indeed and just let me say, Thanks!