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Grey's Anatomy Review: Follow the Leader

I loved most of this episode because I felt like it tied together all the great stuff Grey's can bring to the table - the humor, tragedy, friendship, and family of this show was back in one episode.

Private Practice Review: A Fairytale Ending

I thought that it was a great ending but I'm left unsatisfied because of a number of things. The way this finale was done, I know that it ended in a way that lets us know that life will keep going on for these characters and they're all in good places. They're lives are good. I'm really happy for all of them - especially Addison because I think everything fell into place. But where was Henry tonight? I felt like it wasn't right to close the show without showing Addison with him when wasn't that the point of the spin off to begin with? After everything she had gone through to be a mother, I think we should've seen her with him at least once tonight. I'm also terribly unsatisfied with how little we got to see of Charlotte and Cooper. Shonda cut out some great scenes between them and I don't understand why. I thought that all the business with Jake and Angela could've easily been cut - CharCoop fans deserved to see those scenes. I'm glad Sam and Naomi got back together even though the pregnancy was a little off. Regardless of everything, the end was still great. It's satisfying to know that our beloved characters are in good places in their lives. I will miss them all dearly.


I've had a love-hate relationship with Violet but I'll definitely miss the character. And I'm definitely still not ready to let go and say goodbye to everyone...