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@ tamera i agree im not tired of the damon show tho.. but damon does get the best material to work with and more screen time stefan's screen time mostly involves elena but i like him still.. because he is the boyfriend i wud want no matter how damon is in the edn he wud kill all his fans who are women and want to be with him because they are not dopplegangers lol.. face it he loves those dopplegangers and he would compel us snap at us if we told him we cared.. but he is kool annoying right now but kool loved him season 1.. not so much season 2 after he broke jeremy's neck that sold it for me i'm doin what elna cant do be mad at him for more than 3 episode lol

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The Ties that Bind Clip

did u guys see elena talkin about she has to make sure that caroliine doesnt get back with tyler i was like bitch shut the fuck up u are soon to be screwing brothers who are vampires.. i am glad bonnie told her to leave caroline alone

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Favorite Character

faye diana nick

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Secret Circle Ships??

i personally love nick and faye.. and diana and adam.. nick and faye because i want a couple wit a bad boy and a bad girl and see how they break down each other.. bcs it is usually typical for a good person to break down the bad.. lets try it differently this tyme.. and diana and adam bcs she is sweet and they have already hav had 3 yrs together witout interuption y start now?

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