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@Mariana - I don't know about that... I think at the end where Jerry's phone is ringing is just really a moment that takes us back to reality. The fact that the lights are off, the phone is ringing, and there truly is no one there to pick it up. By the way, in my opinion the show just hasn't been the same without Jerry. I noticed it in 3.10 right after he died. I miss his personality and attitude that he brought to the show.


Life was so good to start out. Like when Sam was furiously trying to find Andy (& Nick). Or when Sam found her and she was so happy and smiling at him. But... then there's "What's her face" at the end of the episode and now my night is ruined. All I have to say is, Sam and Andy better be together by the end of the season. & no Nick and Andy stuff!!! Please just stay friends!!!

Rookie Blue Review: Making It Real

Yes it could be the bartender but I think it's either the cab driver or NiceGuy76. (Can't remember his name.) Reason being: The cab driver could hear Gail when she was on the phone in the car and oviously droped her off... and I would jus suspect NiceGuy would proly be mad at gail for what she did to him. I'm also mad at the lack of "Sandy" scenes. The chemistry between Ben and Missy is soo gooood. But I also don't predict goooood things for "Sandy" coming up. I fear somthing in their relationship is going to surface that's not going to be good for "Sandy" fans... I just hope the writers keep them together this season. :)

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