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Honestly, i dont mind Steroline. I hope they can be good friends after they get togwther and break up. All i know is: Klaroline is endgame. Everything in between is fine with me; it all leads to the greater good

Eye Candy Season 1 Episode 5 Review: IRL

I thought this was perhaps the best episide of the season so far. The characters are fleshing out a bit more, especially connor and the cop who is watching over Lindy and Sofia (seeing him protect them with his mad fighting skills was very interesting and hot). Sofia is awesome, i love her personality and her friendship with Lindy is my favorite relationship on the show. Victoria Justice is growing into her role and getting more comfortable with in it.She really shines when portraying Lindy's humor and quirkiness. Justice has fantastic comedic timing (thanks to Victorious) and that is her strongest suit. She does well with showing Lindy's determination and drive to find her sister and the killer. You can believe the hope she has when she talks about her sister and the anger and fustration she has for the killer. As for the dramatic scens and monologues, she needs a little more work. I think she is tryung a little too hard, which i understand since this is her first dark role. I know she is gonna get better at this and i as a viewer have to trust in her potential. I love the storyines amd how thry all ties in together. Lindy find her sister, lindy stopping the killer and the serial element with the case-of-week really works well together. I cant wait to see the string tighten between all three of these plots. I like how they introduced the bubonic guy as a potential villan for tge show. When its all said and done and the killer is caught we are.going to need a new villan. He serves as a worthy distraction from the Flirtual killer amd his antics. The pacing of this show is fast paced and jarring and i love it. It is even on par with the pacing of How to Get Away With Murder. Its not too annoying and really adds to the theatrics of the show. The diologue is becoming better between the charactrs as well. Overall, great show and great episode. Eye Candy has a faithful viewer.
P.s ,sorry.about the typos, im on my mobile phon . Lol

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Reign Season 2 Episode 10 Review: Mercy

I dont think that Narcisse is truly driven by his "faith". Real faith leads to postive actions, not bribery, lying and murder. He did everything for power and did so through lying about his faith (even if he was a practicing catholic, he never really beleived) and using it to hurt others (Like so many others)