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I think i deserve this soundtrack because i am the only person in the world willing to debate someone who says twiglight is better than Vampire Diaries(whcih is not true by the way). This show intrigues me as one of the best teen drama series ever to come out in the past 5 yrs(sorry gossip girl) The thrill, the sexiness, the writing, the acting, all fit together and ultimately saves the show from being a generic tv show about vampires. Given the fact that his is a teen drama show, the soundtrack fits perfectly with the series episodes and character diolouge and interactions. Once upon a time ago i was an avid, strictly hip hop and r and b kind of gal, but thanks to this show i am able to hold more respect for pop, rock, comtemporary music and fora futre singer, this is very important. But seriously, no cap, i really freaking love this show, letalon the soundtrack. Its fresh, hip, ioovative, and not just something for a teen choice award, but to be a pop culture iconic show. Oh and i love this show, never missed an ep, and loved every song that has ever played on the episodes. So please , give me th freaking cd, please please (crying now)please please(sobbing uncontrollably).


omg i hope adrianna doesnt cheat on navid , thats my bud


why people why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how dare you SOBs do that to the best couple on that show, i am going to petition on this!!

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Carr and Elle, our two new 4-letter words

screw all of you, i happen to like rachel, seran gets on my nerves with all the whining, though i have to admit that there is something off about her, i think she is a journalist trying to get the scoop on the real upper eastside and is using dan, but still falls for him,

as for elle how the H E DOUBLE HOCKEY did she get on this show, but i have to admit that the idea of her being  chuck's bust it babii is kinda hot, sorry but i dont like chair, never have never and will.

and can you people stop saying that dan and blair should get together, its unatural, and WTH,  can serena just for one scene just stop being a little punk and stop blaming the world for her problems, geesh!, her and dan belong together, to little crybabies

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Love Me or Leave Me

i feel so sad 4 her, i hope dem 2 get 2gether, i cant stand them 2 apart, they gonna get back 2 gether wen she have da baby, or i think she will have a miscarriage
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