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Castle Review: No Happy Ending

What a complete load of rubbish that finale turned out to be. AWM/TEM, hang your heads in shame, you have just ruined 6 seasons of the greatest TV show ever to leave the USA, and for what? A stupid story that destroys Becket's past and a complete nonsense of a cliffhanger. Sadly, it was so, so predictable, AWM cannot write a long sweeping love story to save his life, simply appalling. I see AWM in his latest interview, wants the fans to trust him in S7, he will be lucky to have any fans left!, and those that are, simply will not trust him, I know I won't. I have said it before, and I will say it again, this is all about advertising revenue for ABC in S7, this is cynical TV at it's worst! I just hope that Stana's silence over the past month, is a sign that she disapproves of this development. Season 6 has been the worst season so far, IMHO, topped off with total rubbish. To say I'm disappointed with this episode, is an understatement, I am angered by it. This is being consigned to the never to be watched again, along with TS&TQ.

Castle Review: Truth Conquers All

The best episode for a very long time, and certainly the best of Season 6, and the common denominator, is TPW, the best writer of them all, IMO. I thought this was a great way to conclude the Bracken arc for now, I'm sure this story is not over with yet. Perhaps now, we will no longer see Kate promising Castle not to go it alone, then doing precisely that, surely, that particular character flaw has got to end now. There was just one small niggle for me, where was her engagement ring, it is supposed to be next to her Mother's ring on the chain, when she is not wearing it on her finger, and it wasn't! Having seen the promo for the season finale, I just hope that AWM/TEM aren't that stupid, Caskett need an uninterrupted wedding, as do the fans.

Castle Review: A Groovy Kind of Love

My Aussie friend, I thought the 70's was dire, quite why we had to wait a month for that is beyond me. I am of similar vintage to you, and I agree, this was written by someone who did not have a clue about the era at all. Can someone tell me why Alexis was even in the episode, what purpose/role did she serve? Finally, what was the point of Beckett dressing up for the disco, wearing costume jewellery on her right hand and NO engagement ring on her left, this was very very poor IMHO. This episode is on the pile of never to be watched again. One bright note, the remaining three episodes cannot be any worse, can they!!!

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