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Iam a 63 years old woman.  I act and look 53.   I love TV, day and Night.   It seen like the Best shows is canceled.    I stopped watching some because all the main Stars are leaving the Show. TV is not like it use to be.  Too many reality Shows.  We need more Sitco, Family shows.   Iam a Black Female that like all tpes of shows.

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NCIS Round Table: "Housekeeping"

I love this Show, but I would love to see a Black Agent. Tony needs a Black Girlfriend or Ducky need an Black Assistant in his lab. Come on this is 2012. Where is the Black Director? Toney needs a New Black Agent, so Ziva have a Female Friend.

One False Move, Zimbabwe!

I love this Show, but We do not need another Kiss between kutcher and Cryer. We need writers to make Kutcher a grown up man, with more funny lines and do not let him be Nake again. The Show is not Funny enough and we want Cryer to be funny, like he use to be. Va lover