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The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "Plan B"

Stefan really loked ridiculous... I found Caroline's scene much more sad and heartbraking than Stelena brake up

Look at Victrola

Oh... I miss their old stile..


Emily's dress was soo Jcpenny or Kohl's... not one of the bests. the only thing i liked was Hanna's hair ;D

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leighton meester singing with check in the dark (Leighton Meester)

Wow.. She's like the prettiest girl on earth and she CAN sing. It's just amaizing how someone can be so beautiful and talented

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Goodbye Jenny

I don't wach GG anymore. But what is up with Jenny? Is she dead or something? :D

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Thoughts on "As I Lay Dying" (2x22)

I'm soooo disappointed. 2 last epsodes were not good. For example 2x19 was a greath episode, but the endind of season was lame comparing with season 1 finale

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