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Gossip Girl Review: "Damien Darko"

Gossip Girl has lost his flavor for me.This is actually the second episode I have not watched properly and in the past I could not wait to watch a new episode! Also I guess the ratings says it all. Dropped AGAIN this week...


1. what is the crap about the Jenny - Chuck story they have been teling over three seasons? Whow cares about that I think there was one episode that picked that up when Chuck apologized to Jenny...but when SS and JS tell us thats something they kept telling they kind of kidding themselves.
2. If we get a P.S. I love you with Chuck being a ghost I think I might actually start laughing and never stop and I will seriously question JS and SS as professional writers...seriously that is just nonsense.
3. All in all I am pretty disappointed in this season - looks like JS is doomed to f*ck up his shows in the third season finale...just my opinion...I live in the UK and cant even be bothered to watch the season finale again tonight on ITV2...rather watch the Vampire Diaries finale for the 5th time :)

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Ratings low?

Anyone an idea why? They were dow by 20%

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Midnight Damon Spoiler

Not sure if someone posted that alreday but i found spoilers about Midnight the final book in the last triology. I am not a big fan of the books hwoever what i reda in the artcile made me cry!




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Ed Westwick to leave GG?

Yeah you know what else is late? Your brain. Tell amazon to step it up a bit.

Yeah you know I live in the UK and amazon US delivery takes longer to the UK and brainw as sold out in Europe

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