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oh my freaking gosh


thats kinda what i was thinking...i thought it would be Jenna or Jeremy..but then Jeremy got a storyline haha..but then i started thinking that...would they really kill another person off in the Gilbert family?? Elena already lost her parents..not that it wouldnt be really exciting..it just would kinda be a little over-kill on the Elena sadness thing CANT WAIT!!!

Let the Right One In

*******************SPOILER ALERT**************************
(Well Maybe)
ok so a while ago (3-4 weeks) tvfanatic said that someone was going to find vickis body
so could that be caroline's shocking discovery???? CANT WAIT! :)

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Klaus seduced Katherine in Bulgaria???

i also agree: i think that Kevin was probably just mistaken.....'cause if Klaus was the baby's father...then wouldnt he know that the petrova bloodline didnt end with Katherine...which would kinda defeat the purpose of this whole "Klaus doesnt know you exist..." thing....just sayingg


cant wait until jan 27 :)

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Where are you from ?

Texas! :)

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Delena fanficiton?

Omg i read the first two...and am starting the third one...and these were SO good! I searched foreverrrrrrrrr today and i cant seem to find the right, amazing one....if anyoneeeeeee has a good one PLEASE post it! it doesnt even have to be Delena(tho that would be greattttt) hahahaha but i CANT take it anymore till season 2 comes!

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