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Gossip Girl Round Table: "I Am Number Nine"

Thanks Eric!! For being the only Dair supporter on this Round Table :)
Really. Having been a Chair fan myself and having been hung up on the Limo scene just as much as I'm now into the 5x04 Dair scene, I think I've had enough of Chair.
I too am hopeful for Dan having his booktour cancelled next ep. and showing up at the Sleep No More for B. (However ridiculous that sounds.. I know anything's possible on our fave show!)


S, I would love for your version of the story to play out!! Also, since the forums aren't working and I really need to know what you guys think:
I never believed that the Dair 'book' scene from 5x04 actually happened... UNTIL I was watching 5x04 and when Dan is getting fitted at Armani, Alessandra tells him that Blair RSVPed for his book party. Right after that, he gets a text from B asking him to come over to hers. Now if she planned on going to his book party to yell at him or whtever, why did she text him to meet her??? I mean she couldn't have known that he would not show up! Unless they planned something .. hmm. OR maybe it's just poor editing :( hope not!!

Gossip Girl Sneak Peeks: Dog Park Style

Finally!! Thank you @RODRIGO!!
So we have 2 Dair fans for every 5 Chairs,, not bad I'll say :D:D