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Some warning might have helped and made it fun. This is the only show I watch on a regular basis and always look forward to it. Tonight I was looking forward to watching, and then as time went on I would say what the "H" is going on. I told my partner Meridith's Mother was dead when she came to the hospital. And why were they calling her Meridith Webber instead of Grey. Then there is Callie with her babies but not being with Arizona. And if it was earlier, where was George. Just one thing after another, the whole hour. I even said maybe someone is dreaming, this is just not real. Like I said if I had known it was a spoof, I might have got a laugh out of it, but instead I was just frustrated trying to figure out what was going on. Thank heavens I checked online to see if it said anything about it. I sure hope next week is back to normal.

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