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Royal Pains Review: "An Apple A Day"

tonights episode really opened up some plot lines going forward. the possibility that one of Boris people would actually attack his wife and child is incredible. I do hope that its not a plot line that they fix in 5 minutes during an episode, it definitely deserves more attention. as for the paige illness/secret.... why the hell aren't they divulging that information! haha, I have a feeling it is something so insignificant and they blew it up just to keep people glued to the TV. I do have a feeling that Evan and Paige will fall apart at some point although I DO NOT want to see that because I love Paige and love seeing her week in and week out. So beautiful. Toward the 45 minute mark of the episode, there was a weird encounter with Paige and Hank. Lets see where that goes.