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though Damon is probably only using Rebekah to find out where the new tree :((( poor Rebekah!!!


In the description of the episode it says that Elena asks Stefan to save a friend which from the photos I assume is to save Meredith, so I dont think she dies...does that imply that she is not the murderer in Mystic Falls? Love the Damon & Rebekah interaction!!


@Bored Now: I guess we don't really know if Sage is a new villain for sure, I mean there is still the whole Original business to deal with but I guess it would be nice if she turns out bad... Seems like Damon finds out about the secret tree...but why would they include that in the synopsis though? Seems they are letting the audience know more than they should...I don't know, doesn't seem like a very interesting episode
Sigh really hope the show gets better!!I love it so freaking much it's painful to see it go downhills!!! :S :S

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