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Into the Woods

I totally agree with the comment of "mike".I am a mother too.When i saw the scene and some tears came out thereselfs.I think it is like in the film "Irreversible"There is an scene very brutal and lots of people are shocked and closed the eyes.I have seen more brutal things in the real life.I think it is not going on like CSI.You would may change as well when you would do the job for ages.And they do it with their heart.The characters in the film.It is a story vs reality,like someone compared.There can not be every time a happy end.The humanity triumphes not every time.In the end of the day-yes,It depends from which perspectives you are looking.It was a great episode.May i would not say the best of all.But a great one.Who understand to read between the lines and make a mix of heart and brain...understads both...It isn´t may what some want to see...but can, and can learn...