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Loved it and laughed like mad when the chief realised he'd said "bend over backwards".
I suspect Izzy may be pregnant and have what that pregnant lady has or her test results have been mixed but I can't see her having cancer.
More of George please!
Interesting that there was no Denny this week.
Lets get on with this engagement shall we/ Presumably in the bar, although I thought he might ask in front of the pregnant lady.
Very clever touch when Christina said "he's going to propose"!


Excellent episode.

Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Callie and Arizona?

What's with all the lesbians all of a sudden? No gay men out there?
I have a hunch, has Sadie got HIV? That would put the cat among the pigeons what with all those people tampering with her insides, well they were wearing gloves so they should be ok!
Owen Hunt is a great character and I like the way Richard confessed to being rather cruel to Christina.
Meredith didn't seem too concerned when Derek confessed to being fed up with people dying did she?
Anyway I love Grey's Anatomy.