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Warehouse 13 Review: Cast Out

I have to say that this episode was fantastic.
It was heart wrenching, kept me on the edge of my seat, and just brought all the aspects of what drew me to the show in the first place, into last nights episode. I do want to point out something, @Nick McHatton, that you didn't quite touch upon. And that would be our dear, Brother. Adrian, to be more precise. We knew that he had a role to play in this first half of the new season and from his parting remarks before the next bit of the episode played out, about how, 'yes, you will owe me.' while this clearly means and as he said, he wants his astrolabe back, I am more than pretty sure that he will have some other role to play in the back half of this season. As for Leena. I have to keep reminding myself of something that Showrunner, Jack Kenny, keeps on telling us. and that is to 'trust them'. He said this when they seemingly killed Artie. When Myka left the Warehouse. When they blew it up and killed off Jinks and Mrs. F. So I for one am going to do my best to trust that things will be okay. So far, they have not led us astray. I do agree that if they keep toeing the 'death' line, it could be too....jumping the shark and really take the show in a direction that it might shouldn't go.
I do believe that we will see some sort of incarnation of Leena down the road, but in what form will that take, is anyone's guess. Artie...poor Artie. I do have to say though, that I had the inkling, at the end of the episode, The Ones You Love, that the dagger had a bigger role and would be what, I now know, will save Artie. Or at the very least, separate the good from the bad. Or to 'Cast Out' as was said in last nights episode. Warehousefan101

Warehouse 13 Review: "Merge with Caution"

THis was a great episode!
I do have to say though that I am very eager to see H.G. again. It was fun to see these characters in their "normal" element.