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The Mentalist Review: It's About Time

Darn, tried to post before signing in. Anyway just read that CBS has ordered 13 more episodes and they will return 1/15. Bruno Heller has said this windup to the finale will be all about PJ and TL and I don't mean peanut butter and tuna and lettuce sandwiches. He says it will please fans in a big way. Also Simon Baker to direct episode 7. Forgive me if this is all old news and I am just catching up. Wouldn't it be lovely if they were brought a little earlier? Not complaining, just daydreaming. PS.....CBS also says this will be their last year. Kinda figured that, eh?

The Mentalist Review: It's About Time

Hi Raionalgal2.....I was attempting to answer some thoughts that Just Passing
inquired about, but darned if I can get the program to work on my IPad....so I came to the computer and saw that you had actually answered what I had in mind.
I would add, though, it does make a difference where you read stuff. Over and over the speculations have been on a short season, late start for season 7. I just ran across one in the UK, last night, that feels that we are going to have The Mentalist earlier than has been mentioned and for a longer time period. Of course all this is purely speculation. Nowhere have I read it in print from CBS. It's all pure "we think, we hear rumors, etc etc. Only time will tell. As far as the new girl in town.....i think she might be for Cho. I really don't see how a young upstart could possible interest Patrick Jane.
@Just Passing.....you would really benefit from watching the finale of season 6.
Other than the episode 100 and the one where Patrick drinks the tea, this ranks right up there with the best of all episodes IMO. If you have any interest
at all in the outcome of Patrick/Lisbon you will enjoy. Lastly, if I could just get my Ipad to sort "most Recent" I would be so happy. It flashes on for a 1/2 second or less and goes away. Also, there are so many times I try to type and it just stops and I have do delete what I have done. Don't know why. The computer does fine, but I dont want to drag it into the frontroom since it is a tower, lol.
Oh....one last thing. I know Simon Baker is working on his project....Breath or Breathe. I expect to see it accomplished in the next two years. I am going to
imagine he will play the aging surfing expert, one of the characters in the book.
I almost didn't read it because of part of the story line. Glad I did though. Was a good book.

The Mentalist Review: It's About Time

Well.....I tried the new sort and the reply seems to work too. The one thing that was
different was that I used my computer instead of IPad. Hope it works there. I tried and tried to change the sort on with the IPad. Couldn't do it. Maybe this will be what is needed for me to get around. Hope so. So......they start filming July 30 or Aug 1? Read it somewhere on a Mentalist page.
Gee that's a long time till the first of the year. Maybe some program will flop and
Mentalist can come to the rescue!

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