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Great episode. Loved that showing Jane and Lisbon sharing the hotel room speaks volumes about their relationship. Well, Abbott did say they could be under cover, but I think it was played to let us know they are unquestionably a couple. Some folks have criticized them as having no chemistry but I do not agree. They are grown ups and Heller
Doesn't see the need for the heavy sex layer IMHO. It's there but for them doesn't need
To be put under the microscope. They have actually always been comfortable with each other and now we are seeing the little gestures that show intimacy. I get it!! No need for the constant lip smaking.


Yes, it was slightly awkward but I think played that way on purpose. They have just jumped headlong into new waters, yet untested. It seemed that Patrick was more mature than Lisbon in my opinion. I think Lisbon might have been feeling a little weird, having just broken off with her fiancé and now hooked up with Patrick. That whole arc was not my cup of tea as it played out during season 6. She didn't seem to know what she wanted. I predict that as time moves on they will get back to the Bickersons Banter that we found fun to watch. I think it will be the same attitude at work, but we will know that when they go home things will be different. One thing I wonder about......will the writers play up on the fact that now that they are a couple, will it impact decision making in the field, I.e. Having someone you love in harms way and what to do about it? BTW....I saw the episode twice and did not pick up on the reasoning behind renting the vintage car until the second time. It was awesome!

The Mentalist Review: It's About Time

I read that in January they will return to Wednesdays at 8:00 on jan 7 until late February and end with a finale of two hours. From Nov 30 to End of Dec will be 9:00EST/9:30PST Sundays; don't know how that shakes out regarding east/west time. I think I counted about 10 episodes. That seems like approx twelve episodes short of a regular season. I'm sure they don't want to be continually preempted by football in the 10:00 slot. The time and start was confirmed by CBS on both Sun and Wed. They seem to be filling on when other shows go on hiatus. Do you suppose Simon Baker is anxious to be done so he can place full attention on his project re the surfing story by the Australian writer?
Whatever he does, I can only hope he doesn't drift behind the camera. I want to be able to take in more of his acting/emoting talents. ........yep, I know, I'm selfish!,