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P.S. @Nick, it's "Janus," the two-headed Roman god, not "Janis". Janus appeared on ancient coins, and it's at least somewhat fitting that Janus would be associated with an artifact that turns one into two, splitting the body and the consciousness.


1. There were times when this show had just the right balance between banter, mystery, weirdness, humor, and suspense. Those were the days. It's too bad SyFy didn't kill the show off this year so they could (wishful thinking, for sure) greet us with something fresh, new, and exciting in 2014.

2. They have the gall to tease the fact that Claudia has an evil sister and then tell her absolutely nothing else about her? I'm pretty sure that Claudia never mentioned a sister before, BTW. This is a last minute invention to give them something to do next season. Sis will probably help defeat Peristalsis before becoming the final bad guy of the series.

3. How is Peristalsis' takeover the Warehouse not Pete's fault?

4. It will be nice to see Claudia doing cool things with the Warehouse next season, but it will be too little, too late.


Bottom line: This was the best episode of the season. It was intense and occasionally even surprising -- like in the Tarr's tag-team murders. If they were able to bring this level of intensity and depth to next season, it would be incredible. They won't, of course, but we can still hope. And it's going to be a whole year!?!!? Shtako!