well that's too bad

the vampire diaries tres awesome.
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they aren't even a damn couple
like seriously?
they never have been


mrs. lockwood could have invited her in. nobody thought of this?


i actually kind of wouldn't mind if damon bit it. i know it's an unpopular opinion but i just find him utterly annoying, overrated and poorly written.

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any jeremy stans?

this is off topic and random, but i honestly feel sometimes that i can't figure out which is which. is rebekah a poor man's katherine or is katherine a poor man's rebekah? seriously, they are like shades of the same character but different face. and rebekah is my queen as i say this. 

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any jeremy stans?

jerbear needs to learn how to be classy. and how to dress. wtf was up with those tank tops? go shirtless or at least wear a tigher fitting t-shirt.

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any jeremy stans?



i would ship the fuck out of jol too.

they're mates.

jeremy should have gone off with klaus. kleremy is where it’s at. i smell the beginnings of a new bromance. they can both brood together. klaus can teach jeremy how to be an AWESOME sibling. they both can draw. they can draw depressed snowflakes and horses together. klaus can teach jeremy how to hunt and how to flatter bitches with his drawing skills. they can both sit and chat about how much they love caroline and bonnie and how to be better men. they can both boast about not being as bad as damon. actually, in addition to talking about their boos they can talk about how much they hate damon. and they can talk about how nice stefan is from time to time but discuss serious disapproval over stefan fucking rebekah. because jeremy is grumpy she totally killed his sister and klaus can be grumpy because he’s tired of these lowly salvatores always sniffing around his baby sister. then elijah can come over and teach jeremy how to be a classy broad. and they can all talk and drink fine wine and talk about life. and jeremy will be dressing like the most dapperest gqmf of all dapper ggmf, smiting unclassy bitches and straightening out the dinner table in no time.

and this basically..

kleremy bitches 

also @ RO

i have said this on tumblr before.. i agree with you. deremy is a fucking joke and i am not here for that shit

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