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The Glades on A&E (damn them) had the worst non-ending last show. I will never forgive that network for screwing up something good so badly.
The main character is shot in his home on his wedding day, no closure and the network cancels the show the next day. A&E is completely mis-named. It should be the garbage reality network.


The best season finale for any show on TV ever, period. While I didn't cry for joy I did text some friends about breaking out the champagne. Reese and Charlie were hilarious and Jane Fonda is spot on for her part. My only regret is there are so few shows during its short run in the summer. Come on HBO, can't we have at least five or six more episodes a year?


Thank you to USA network for a fine seven seasons and a fitting finale. Maddie turned out to be such a hero and I can understand her decision, having lost one son and mortally afraid of losing her second. Michael's love for his mother has always humanized his character, no more so than in the final episode.

As for where Michael and Fiona are in hiding, highly unlikely it's in Ireland, at least for now. Did anyone notice all that snow? Ireland has a moderate climate and snow is rare, except for in the mountains and occasionally a few inland counties. Not on the coast, however. Been there, not seen that.

Thanks to everyone who made 'Burn Notice' must see TV these past years. I look forward to seeing all the actors showing up on other shows in the near future, even if only as guest stars.

Here's hoping USA will take up the brutal ending then cancellation of 'The Glades' that was on one particularly contemptible TV network and carry on with that great series. USA has a much better reputation for solid episodic TV while the unnamed horrible network can't do much more than lame so-called reality shows.