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Castle Season 6 Report Card: Grade It!

Loved the show all season, never missed an episode. But the ending was too, too terrible to ever watch again. It seems every TV show with a pending wedding for the principals gets this kind of treatment. It's getting tiresome.

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The Mentalist Review: It's About Time

The very best Mentalist episode ever. Jane getting the first case out of the way without any of his tricks or stalls. He was on a mission. His coming to grips with what he felt for Jane despite his fear of losing everything as he had his first family. Even juggling a second murder into the mix. I love Abbott. He really gets Jane and the whole dynamics of the unit. Hope we see this come back later this year, though I know it's no sure bet. Even if it doesn't, this show was a perfect ending.


I really expected better from the writers of Castle than the last episode. The "got married when drunk but didn't remember it" was done quite some time ago on Bones, and better. As well as the hunt for the missing, unknown spouse. And we've already had the ultimate cliff-hanger end of season episode on Castle when Beckett was shot. Was Castle in the burning car, charred to a crisp? Don't know if I care.