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South Park Review: "Coon vs. Coon & Friends"

Well actually really cool episode, Mint Berry Crunch ! :D i didn't expect the lamest from them all could be super hero but ya its often lame ones ussaly are cool super heroes and wll fact he was with his got sister - who was in Cthulu cult like some heroes been sent to stop evil :) BUT funniest part was where that dude was saying hello my son im your wather :D i tought he addresing it to Kenny :D but now mint berry :D So Trey and Matt killed Kenny again ! You b----ds !
They made him cool for 3 - 4 episodes as mysterion :D and in the end killed by mint :D and fun part was where kenny shot himself to go home :D - And ouch his mom all time give him birth so she rember Kenny die all time - well only some prev episodes kenny parents where sad cause Kenny die but its ok.... and Kenny was all 5 season ? or 6 ?

South Park Review: Who is Mysterion?

Now we know 100% Final list Coon - Cartman
Mosquito - Clyde
Human Kite - Kyle
Tupperware - Token
Iron Maiden - Timmy
Tool-shed - Stan
Mintberry Crunch - Bradley
Mysterion - Kenny Now its confirmed :) good step to finaly explane all "u b****tardss kill keeny" Fjuu i was right :) Kite = Kyle Clyde = Mosquito and Kenny = Mysterion :)