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Gossip Girl Spoilers: Who is the Target?

Bart, Steven or Dan.

Gossip Girl's Dair: It's Over

My favorite part of Dair was how boring they were compared to Chair. I have no idea why we were watching a such a cliched, un-glamorous and awkward couple on a show like Gossip Girl. Save it for OTH, Glee and even the OC. This is the UES.


I don't trust this site. They say that only Blair and Chuck know about the pact but its clear Nate and Dan do

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~ Chuck & Blair ~ 2.0

OMG I miss this thread so much! Hey guys :)

We're actually starting a show rewatch! 1x01 will be this Sunday at 8pm EST. For Australians, that's Monday at 10am in Sydney!

I'll be live tweeting from @parisinthe1920s and then heading to fanforum to discuss it on a thread that has been created for that purpose!

Please, please, please join in guys! Even if the timezones are differen, just hop into the discussion on fanforum when you have a moment.

We're bringing fandom together again :)


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~ Chuck & Blair ~ 2.0

Hey all :)

Is anybody here reading my fics?

Also, is anybody here on twitter? Follow me @redonesie

It's the main place where the GG fans are at right now!

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Dan and Serena need to come back

Update my fic. This chapter is all Derena :) Would love it if you guys read and reviewed! Dr. Holland was the beta reader.



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