I am Damon's bitch- I love TV and especially TVD but not VD 'cause that'd be weird! :) Besides that, I am an Icelandic gal studying towards my BA degree in English and translations, watch lots of TV and I've got special love for TVD, Sons of Anarchy (might be the best show ever televised that way too few know about) and Glee! I've got opinions and I'm not afraid to share'em! :)
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so glad SOA is back...they rule, loved the opener, things are set up for an awesome season!

Glee Review: "A Night of Neglect"

It was a great episode but is it not a little strange that no parents came to the benefit, I mean, they would be the people that should show up to support their kids!

Glee Review: Winners Like Them

Absolutely loved the show, the original songs were amazing and man had we ever been waiting for that kiss!! Still hate the whole hypocrisy of Quinn and Finn´s relationship but have high hopes he'll see the light before it's over!