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Besides all the critics that have been made to this season of Dexter, I think it was good all de Dark-Light storyline, because it revealed another side of Dexter. I liked his connection to his son too. There was only one thing that has shocked me in this season was The debexter storyline. I still don t know if I like them together or not. Truly it is not actually incest and I would like to see them both together.
This season finale has deeply gave me some thoughts. I think that Deb seeing Dexter killing Travis was a good purpose to watch the next season, and lets be honest, and can t wait for it.
For the next season , I hope the writers can deal with all the DEB-SEEING-DEXTER-KILLING - in my opinion it will be hard.
I think that was a bit disappointing understanding that season 6 was like a huge promo for season 7 , but if the writers truly dedicate for the next season: SEASON 7 CAN BE THE BEST SEASON THIS SERIES HAVE EVER SEEN ( lets just see if it s possible). I hope so , because this showtime s hit has the most brilliant storyline - POLICE-DAD-SERIAL KILLER.
I would like to do some guesses about what s going to happen in the next season , but I just can t .... I am so surprised at what I see , that I can t imagine how will the writers deal with it!!!!

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