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Two More Sneak Peeks of "Pret-a-Poor-J"

i love chair and my fave character is blair, but right now, i'm on team chuck.

Promo, Spoilers For "Chuck in Real Life"

can't wait! it is a good thing that they didn't put a break before showing us this episode. and i know i speak for all chair fans when i say chuck better not fall for vanessa. it will not be possible, right? please assure me. a part of me is already certain that it will not happen seeing that chuck knows nate and vanessa have issues and his friendship with nate is kinda rocky lately. some may say that chuck fell for blair even though she had just broken up with nate but i like to think that he has always been in love with blair. chair action at last. haven't seen a good scene between the two since episode 3.

"The Serena Also Rises" Sneak Preview

i feel for blair... even though she wants the spotlight on her, she never really did anything that will hurt serena (well, except when they were fighting.) more blair and chuck please.. i didnt get my fill last episode and i was kind of hoping i can see more scenes this episode but it looks like wishful thinking on my part.

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Pret-a-Poor-J (Season 2)

at SFgal, the girl was supposedly a kid of some important person in Yale. Since Blair desperately wants to get in Yale, she agreed to babysit Emma, the "slut of the week". Emma, is a horny 15-year old (or was it 14?) kid who wants to lose her virginity and she has her eyes set on Chuck Bass.


But there is no possible way Chuck is going to deflower her. In her dreams!

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Pret-a-Poor-J (Season 2)

guys, you remember season 1 episode 8? when chuck and blair were in the rooftop and chuck admitted he likes blair?

i was just amazed that the writers were able to show that in a year, the feelings Chuck had then developed into something more real. Back in season 1, Blair demands that the "butterfies should be murdered" and now she even told Serena she would jump off the rooftop if Chuck does not love her back.

I have watched the CHAIR scenes in this episode a thousand times and I can't wait how the writers will give us equal drama once CHAIR are finally together.

Cheers to CHAIR!

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New Haven Can Wait (Season 2)

are you serious?!?!

chuck is going to fall for vanessa? nope. not going to happen, please dont tell me this is going to happen. no! maybe chuck will use vanessa to make blair jealous and all, but actually falling for her... ugh.. let her be with nate!

blair, what were you thinking? making chuck seduce another girl?



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