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House Review: A for Effort...

I am glad I am not the only one who felt the addiction angle was a very poor choice. I too would much prefer they give house and cuddy's relationship a real chance. I believe strongly in change and redemption and while House himself might be skeptical of such things his own growth had seemingly been going a positive direction... I felt cheated.


The show seems promising enough. While there are distinct similarities between the two versions of the show. It feels more as if the Canadian/American version is a homage set in a similar or perhaps even the same universe with different characters in similar situations. If the show tried to hard to just redo the British version it would not work. I expect some stories will be lifted as the plot moves forward but it seems very obvious Bishop is a very different vampire from Herrick for instance. I think of it kind of like Law and Order UK which reused some stories from the American counterpart but very clearly is another show in the franchise rather then just trying to lift the American show.

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