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Ed and Jessica: Hot and Heavy

Blair Cornelia Archibald, LMAO!!!!! :D :D :D :D but yeah, i love ed no matter how he looks. he's sexy in his own way, that's what i have thought from the beginning.

Lucky Girl

she is SOOOO beautiful!

Smile on the Set!

i love her shoes! :)

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The Magnificent Archibalds (Season 2)

oh... my... god... is this episode going to be last til january?

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The official we want and love Chuck thread (bashers stay out)

about chuck... i love his sexy voice, his sensual look, his oh-so-stylish style. and how he is kind of bad buy. but then again so vulnerable.oh, why i don't know anyone like him in real life?

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Plots for Chair fans (Spoilers)

actually im kind of sad that chuck returns to his womanizer style again... but hey... the story has to be interesting ;)

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