Ruby is my name. My middle name is the name of the protagonist of my favourite show. My second middle name is my favourite flower. So I think my name is just a tad bit awesome. I actually don't really like television at all. My best friend got me addicted to Grey's whilst I was recovering from a splenectomy and shattered femur in hospital - I would have gone insane without the world of Seattle Grace to distract me in those two weeks.  I write and I act but I study Law - I don't really want to be a lawyer though. I have been raised by a single Dad who is also a doctor. Maybe that's why I have an inexplicable attraction to Grey's? I don't know. I have lived on four continents, visited 42 countries and lived in eight of them - I plan to settle in New York City once I complete my pesky LLB. Oh, and I have found my McDreamy :-) He is a doctor and in three years he will be a qualified pediatrician. He rocks my world.
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What a Difference a Day Makes - 100th episode (Episodes)

I just rewatched the episode and I just wanted to mention one scene that I don't think anyone has said anything about here yet, that I think was one of the most well written and beautiful moments ever in Grey's. And that's a big call.

When Lexie teared up when fixing the surviving graduation girl's central line and the girl said, "You're crying." And Lexie looked back and said, "You're breathing."

We always discuss the big moments in episodes, the 'life changing' ones like the proposal or the wedding or whatever- but I just wanted to mention that one. It was truly a brilliant piece of writing and acting.

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Here's to the Future/Now or Never: season finale (Episodes)

I don't think that will happen. That will officially put Grey's into the world of terrible soap operas and Shonda is so much better than that.

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What a Difference a Day Makes - 100th episode (Episodes)

I don't cry easily. I especially don't cry about television shows. But I just sobbed. Like I just walked downstairs after watching that episode and sobbed in my boyfriend's arms. I think he thinks there is something really wrong with me and I'm not just crying about Grey's...but that episode just killed me. Omg.

Amazing. Unbelievable. Perfect. Alex just totally overtook Derek in the dreamy stakes. He has grown so much, into such an incredible man. And Izzy has never been my favourite character, but right now, the prospect of her dying has me torn apart. I am really starting to think they are going to kill her off and they can't. I just discovered tonight that in the face of losing her, I love her! 

The wedding was so beautiful! I love Mer and Alex's friendship and that she was his 'best man'. I love Izzy and Cristina's friendship. I love Bailey. I love that George walked Izzy down the isle. I loved that Derek gave Meredith the solo surgery. I loved that the Chief was so proud of her.

I adore Callie. I love the Callizona. I love Owen and Cristina.

Just...I'm back in love with Grey's. Not that I didn't love it before, but you know, I am back in the kind of love that makes you all giddy :p 

100th episode = perfection 

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