Ruby is my name. My middle name is the name of the protagonist of my favourite show. My second middle name is my favourite flower. So I think my name is just a tad bit awesome. I actually don't really like television at all. My best friend got me addicted to Grey's whilst I was recovering from a splenectomy and shattered femur in hospital - I would have gone insane without the world of Seattle Grace to distract me in those two weeks.  I write and I act but I study Law - I don't really want to be a lawyer though. I have been raised by a single Dad who is also a doctor. Maybe that's why I have an inexplicable attraction to Grey's? I don't know. I have lived on four continents, visited 42 countries and lived in eight of them - I plan to settle in New York City once I complete my pesky LLB. Oh, and I have found my McDreamy :-) He is a doctor and in three years he will be a qualified pediatrician. He rocks my world.
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