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Revolution Review: Austin Activation

I liked "Guess I better put on some pants!"

Hart of Dixie Review: Ship-naped

Just because you're paranoid, it doesn't mean they're not out to get you. Just because Mom is a jerk, it doesn't mean she's totally wrong. All these characters are growing, and they need to continue to do so to be deserving of a great relationship,and dare I say marriage. They're learning stuff from their "opposites," but once they've learned, who is to say that Zoe and George couldn't be a great married couple. What's boring to Tanzy isn't to many many people, and certainly not to Zoe. Wade has some ambitions like owning a bar, and he might turn into a fine business owner and community asset, but he needs to find a way to overcome his self doubt and get on with it. He's got a great shot, but he's got to continue to grow and take risks. He seems willing, and he's certainly got "inspiration." May the best man (and actors!) continue to grow, and win Zoe!

NCIS Review: The Steel Bonds of Blood

Like GaryP's take on Gibbs being the voice of reason w.r.t. revenge. Expect early clues to point to the Iranians and personal revenge averted at the very last second that could have set a much bigger picture war in motion. Eventually, as the season plays out, I expect it to be internal Israeli politics that led to the assassination. Possibly the season ends with Ziva in Israel about to pull the trigger ...

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