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Gossip Girl Caption Contest 110

got beard?

Chace Crawford Busted For Pot

i love chace. this made me laugh so hard.


i LOVE seb and leighton together, i really hope this isn't true.
and this isn't an opportunity for ed and leighton. it's not going to happen. ever.

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Real life couples?

Leighton and Seb were never engaged.. There were rumours, but Leighton has said openly that she didn't think marriage was for her; she'd only consider it if it were really important to whomever she was with.


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Chair has a far better shot of being epic again...

i know it'll never happen, but i'd love them to take a break from being chuckandblairandblairandchuck for a bit, and go back to how they were right at the beginning of season one: when they were like, the best of friends, being all schemey and hilarious with sexual tension to boot.

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Who Will Watch S3 Finale?

most definitely watching it, without a doubt.

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