You've got a smile that could light up this whole town. my name is hannah. and my life is music. singing it.writing it.listening to it I play varsity softball and varsity dance. I am veryy confident. I don't like people who pretend to not care. Showing emotion is everything. live out loud. regret never
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Gossip Girl Caption Contest 93

eric- yeah i got it jenny your name is on the card, we all go one.
jenny- no silly look at the color, psychadelic.
eric- ......

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 44

Blair- So I spent all last night thinking, and I've realized thatt..
Chuck- The chuckinator is the most irresistable, and charming man in all New York!
Blair- actually I was gonna say that the boys in the past are more ridiculous than Mrs, Claus back there.
Serena-.. and you thought she was bitter :]

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 42

I-so nate, who the girl of the month?
N- oh I dont know, someone who believes in something, and doesn't care about the superficial stuff like hair and clothes.
P- so like.... Mother Teresa?