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Will Jill Casey Return to Royal Pains?

Wow. I love Jill. What a terrible move on behalf of the producers. Hopefully she lands another show.

Suits Review: Middle Men

Harvey is being a prick lately. the way he's treating Hardman, even if there's reason behind his actions, it's disrespectful and uncalled for to treat the head of the firm like that. It's like Jessica & Harvey are walking into his trap by going on the offensive. This guy is no innocent. Remember Jessica said he was a snake in the premiere. He's preparing his strike. Also, what if Hardman's motive is to break up the firm anyways? Food for thought.


I'm not a regular watcher but the whole episode wws sketchy. The musical number felt like a dream. It seemed fake.

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100th episode spoilers

Leighton usually says positive things about what SL she's working on at the moment and plus it's clear she likes both couples CHAIR and DAIR and working with Ed and Penn. Blair isn't in a place to choose Dan since Dan isn't an option yet.But at the snail place they're going right now, it would be more shocking if they don't do Dan and Blair by the end of the season. I just think it's all too much for Blair -- almost getting married and then bouncing into another relationship with another guy? But  I could see Blair finding feelings for Dan and realizing him as an interest.By season's end Dair is going to be a full fledged relationship or they're going to be bust - I could see them extending Dair into season 6. I don't think they're ever going to reunite CB or break up Dan and Blair for Chuck and Blair.

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can we petition for Taylor Momsen to reprise her role in episode 100?

I'm pretty sure Tvline reported that Taylor Momsen would NOT be coming back in an article about the wedding guests where it confirmed that Harold (B's dad) would be returning.

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Raina is going to save Blair

this makes sense, raina talking to her father to get him not to hurt someone else.

but that makes me think the chair on chair picture is fake.


why would they go back to the constance party after that ?



gossip girl: no freaking sense at all.

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