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Who is Your Favorite Teen Couple?

Chuck Bartolomew Bass and Blair Cornelia Waldorf

All Suited Up

Only Barney can rock a suit so good!

Chuck and Monkey

It is strange for me to see that the dog isn't dressed also. Probably in purple or something. :D

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Baby names

Yale Bass and Bart Bass. 

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Possible spoiler (Spoilers)

It is a show. Just a teen drama show. The show has writters who writte everything on it. So if they want Chuck to be a good father, he will be a good father. If they want him to be crazy, he will be crazy. I am just saying, how I would want it to be. Chuck and Blair happy with or without a baby. When people have those issues there are two ways to go: Being even worse than your father, or being better, a lot better.And maybe, the baby, is the change, Chuck needs to grow up.It is all up to the writters. 

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Blair vs Serena

Blair Waldorf.Because we share the love for Audrey Hepburn. Because we share the love for bad boys. Because we share the same ambition, I dream of going to an Ivy League school, but for me it is impossible( I am from Serbia). Because we both want to be succesfull business women . Because we share the same sense of style, and we both are dictators of taste. 

Beacuse she is smart, pretty, funny.  

Leighton Meester.Because she is sweet, nice and looks friendly. And I admire how she made it to the top, having in mind her past.

I do like Blake, because of her sense of style, and that is all. But not as much as Leighton.

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