heyyyyy peeps its lost girl here youre one and only source into to guys and boring stuff that happen in curry world LOL, im a really big gossiper, i wish i could be gossip girl!!!!! i hate writing bout myself, it gets soooo boring!!!

well i love GOSSIP GIRL, VAMPIRE DIARIES, AND GLEEE!!!! <3 i think that that says everything bout me?? LOL

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Gossip Girl Review: A Princess in Peril

excellent review :)
for all those who hated Dan because of Dair, you must all praise him now. although he had no chance to be with her, if her told her how he felt, she would certainly need to go to a mental institute. poor girl has enough problems already.
btw i have to say this again but Dan has won my heart completely.
now what was with the ending!!!!!!!! like seriously wasnt torturing Chuck in season 3 finale enough?
viewers know that Chuck cant die, orelse Gossip Girl will lose more than half its viewers. so why do that??!!!!!
overall good episode.
PS i didnt say anything about Chivy because im glad not to be seeing her again, hopefully.

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how old is Blair in season 5?

Bones Review: Just Toying With Us

Sweets looks sooo hot with a gun!!! :p