gossip girl is gay.
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epic fail in season 3 so far.
only one episode was good.
the rest are like....okay...thanks for the wasted hour of my life?


Serenate is awful.
no chemistry.
and Serena clearly has made Nate her second choice.
he needs someone WAY better than her. the only good person in that relationship is Nate.


Im def. going to miss Carter/Serena. And Im actually glad that Olivia is coming back cause Hilary wasn't too bad in 2x04. Bonus: I am wondering why they are letting Nate help Serena seeing as how he couldn't win a poker game in season 1...how is he going to help do it now.

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i lurvvv youuu.


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GGI Fail Blog *Enter @ Your Own Risk*

They call people on here sad- when really all they need to do is look in the mirror.

kudos to you bb.

couldnt explain it better myself.


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@ the GG blog girls

alright girls.

im out.


update me if they post any more stupidity.

love you GP.

wish you would come back.


and byeeeeeee B!

love youu too bb!

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