Um.. I'm a huge Callie fan. Love the girl to pieces. That's bout all there is to say. :)
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There was no previews for next week because they are taking another break. The next new episode will not be on until April 23rd.


This was an incredible episode. Izzie was amazing. The girl def deserves an Emmy for this. Chief and Bailey worked out their problems. Alex saved a girl's life. Mark and Lexie were so cute. Mark admitted Lexie put him back together instead of breaking him. Cristina and Owen.. Owen avoided her after injuring her accidently and Cristina told him it was gonna take alot to scare her off. Derek was a complete jerk to Meredith. I'm not even a MerDer fan, but I felt so sorry for her. Arizona and Callie had a little scene in the elevator. Arizona admitted she was wrong and asked Callie on a date. Callie said maybe and walked out of the elevator, but then grabbed the door before it shut and said "tomorrow night?". 10/10 episode. Awesome.


Sara looks so hot in this pic!!!!

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Hallie? Cahn? (Relationships)

 Hey!! This is my first time to the board. I am a HUGE Callie fan. I love the idea of a Callica relationship. Erica and Callie have this great chemistry together, and it would bring an awesome twist to the show.

Also, just because Callie obviously loves her men, it doesn't mean that she can't have feelings for a woman. It happens all the time. ;)

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