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I don't know if it's mentioned before, but I still think that Michael is the Orignal Dad!! Why else would Klaus/Nik be so afraid?? His mom is coming back too. Esther, aaaah how delightful to hear my name in The Vampire Diaries xD

The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 78

Tyler: I don't think those cups will give much protection

The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 76

Andy! that's her name :P Andy: Damon, she's in my spot! (The Big Bang Theory reference :P)

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I didn't liked the first 2 movies so much, they were good, but not great. But in some kind of way I just have to watch the movies, so I gave Eclipse a try.

Eclipse was far more better than Twilight and New Moon. Only coz Jacob has a huge roll in this one ;) oh man, look at those abs haha. No I'm kidding.

And his line: We know I'm hotter than you (something like that) made me ROFL.

But for the YAY or NAY, I'm going for YAY!!

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Elena/Damon Fans

I can't wait untill the episode... I wonder if Stefan gonna be pissed

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Favorite quotes........

Damon: Have I entered an universe where Stefan is fun

When Damon comes to Elena (Under Control) and tells her that Jeremy asked questions about Vicki's death.

"Oh, but officer someone burried her, who would do that?? .. I know I know, ME"

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