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The Vampire Diaries Teaser: Tick-Tock...

I think @Tara has been watching another show. Really? S1 and S2 where all about Damon and Elena and just a COUPLE of kisses between Stefan and her? Are you for real? The previous seasons didn't revolve just around couples my dear, there was a lot of shit going on if you can't recall I'll put it in here for you. S1 had Damon being the big bad guy trying to save Katherine from the tomb, then she wasn't in there and the tomb vampires got out and another hundred of storylines flyed around back then, at the end Katherine got back, in seasonn 2 we had Werewolves, witches, originals, curses, wtf? and how can you even say that it was all about Damon and Elena when Elena doesn't pay attention to Damon? They have been growing closer yeah but come on girl! and I honestly don't think the writers want Nina to don't have chemistry with Stefan. That's just plain stupid. The fact that the chemistry between Nina and Ian onscreen doesn't mean that she has no chemistry with Paul. An I could sit here all day and rant about your comment but no I won't. I suggest you to check if you're actually watching this show, I'll just assume you haven't been paying attention.


Tommy? I thought Tommy was dead! It's SAM! not TOMMY!

Alaric / Klaus

Oh my gosh Alaric/Klaus

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